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Wall Anchor Kit - 910mm Spiral Fixings - 10 Ties

A Wall Anchor Kit with long-series drive-in wall ties that form a chemical-free structural connection. Quick and easy to install with no material com­pa­tibi­lity issues. 10pcs 910mm ties, SDS Tool and 1m drill bit
  • RRP €373.88
  • €282.64
  • €235.53

Mini Pile Ground Anchor

A helical pile ground anchor that corkscrews into the ground when the anchor is hammered. Use Thor piles with extension for soil mailing or mini-piling. 1.9m long 200mm diameter helix
  • RRP €336.30
  • €280.15
  • €233.46

Flood Pump Kit

Easy to operate, the Flood Pump Kit will remove flood water from your property with speed and efficiency. Fully automatic submersible pump, long (20m) discharge hose and filtered tank. Discharges up to 10,000 litres/ hour
  • RRP €615.96
  • €423.38
  • €352.82

Dry Ridge System

This dry ridge system includes a ventilated ridge roll with self-adhesive butyl strip, stainless steel fixing pack, ratchet unions the super strength nylon ratchet clips. A quick, easy to fit and durable roof ridge - 6m Kit
  • RRP €84.89
  • €70.73
  • €58.94

Helical Wall Ties 30 sq/m Kit

Helical wall ties in a 30 square metre kit, based on spacing’s of 2.5 ties per square metre. European CE Mark Approval to EN845-1:2013. Includes 75 ties, SDS tungsten carbide drill bit and SDS drive tool
  • RRP €250.49
  • €171.19
  • €142.66


The Twistfix borescope and camera kit comes with a wireless monitor which records video and still pictures for immediate playback or for saving to computer
  • RRP €743.40
  • €564.98
  • €470.82

Ancon Wall Ties HRT4

HRT4 Ancon steel ties for domestic housing up to 10 metres high. Ties are CE marked, BBA certified and meet the technical requirements of the NHBC. 20Pk or 250Box
  • RRP €5.52
  • €4.10
  • €3.42

Wall Starter Staple

The Twistfix wall starter staple is suitable simul­ta­ne­ous­ly tying both leaves of a cavity wall extension to an existing building structure, sufficient to tie a cavity wall extension up to 2.4m high - 8Pk
  • RRP €28.25
  • €16.85
  • €14.04

Roof Flashing

Easy-Lead roof flashing is a high performance alternative to lead. Used in pitched or flat roof applications the BBA Approved smooth-faced roof flashing waterproofs abutting junctions. 5m rolls supplied in various widths
  • RRP €52.03
  • €41.48
  • €34.57

Bat Straps

Heavy duty bat straps with a 90° twist located 150mm from one end. These holding down straps secure and restrain structural floor and roof timbers to walls. Pack of 10
  • RRP €49.25
  • €37.87
  • €31.56

Dry Verge - Slate

This universal dry verge system is a smarter way to tidy up roof edges. Quick and easy to fit, it offers a maintenance free roof verge detail at gable ends. Various kit sizes
  • RRP €58.62
  • €48.85
  • €40.71
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Water­pro­ofing Wall Tie

This 2-part brick tie services the basement water­pro­ofi­ng industry. The fastener arrangement comprises a po­lyp­ro­pyle­ne plug fitted with a seal, and a stainless steel helical tie. Quantity: 50
  • RRP €157.18
  • €120.36
  • €100.30