Remedial Wall Ties

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Structural Repair Ties - 10Pk

Structural repair ties are extra long 12mm diameter drive-in helical wall ties that reinforce vulnerable masonry walls. Lengths 1070 (42"), 1220 (48") and 1370mm (54") - 10Pk
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Remedial Wall Ties - Helical

Remedial ties for cavity tie installation and brick pinning. Superior Thor Helical ties offer the easiest, fastest and most reliable cavity tie replacement solution available. CE Marked in respect of EN845-1:2013 for use in masonry materials. Pack of 50
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Cavity Wall Ties - Remedial Kit

Remedial brick tie kit. 150 self-tapping helical ties, SDS setting tool and 2 SDS carbide drill bits for simple, rapid & cost effective cavity tie replacement. CE Mark Approved in respect of EN845-1: 2013 for use in masonry materials..
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Replacement Ties - Mechanical

Quick-fix stainless steel remedial ties with mechanically expanding Neoprene sleeves. Use for cavity tie replacement work in brick masonry or concrete walls. Box of150
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Mechanical Ties Expanding Brass

These mechanical fixings replace corroding cavity ties. This fixing has an expanding brass shell mechanism at either end of an Austenitic Stainless Steel tie bar. Box Quantity 150
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Lateral Restraint Wall Tie Kit

Lateral restraints in a kit for restraining a bulging masonry wall by tying it back to structural flooring members. Repair kit includes 5 lateral restraint ties, resin, drill bit and setting tool.
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Lateral Restraint Ties

Retrofit lateral restraint tie for softwood. Ties a masonry wall to parallel floor joists in remedial applications. These stainless steel tie bars are suitable for use in solid or cavity walls. - Pack of 5
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Wall Ties 20m Kit

Helical ties in a 20 square metres kit, based on spacing’s of 2.5 ties per m2. European CE Mark Approval to EN845-1:2013. Includes 50 ties, SDS tungsten carbide drill bit and SDS setting tool
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Helical Wall Ties 30 sq/m Kit

Helical wall ties in a 30 square metre kit, based on spacing’s of 2.5 ties per square metre. European CE Mark Approval to EN845-1:2013. Includes 75 ties, SDS tungsten carbide drill bit and SDS drive tool
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Brick Ties – Wavy Tail

Wavy tail brick ties for remedial application when re-building one leaf of a cavity wall. Resin wavy tail into existing brickwork and bed triangle into new masonry as building proceeds. 100 Ties.
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Resin Grouted Ties

Flexible 5mm diameter stainless steel remedial cavity brick ties. Helical flutes offer superior keying when resin grouted in masonry wall tie replacement schemes. - Pack Quantity 250
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Masonry Ties - Long Drive Pins

Masonry ties are 450mm long drive pins that corkscrew into brick, block, concrete and masonry when driven into a pilot bore. At least 10 times quicker than grout ties - Kit size:18 or 36 pins
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The need for remedial wall ties was established in the early 1980’s, when wall tie failure was discovered as being a widespread problem across the UK.  Before then British Standard wall ties were typically manufactured from mild steel and commonly protected by a sacrificial zinc coating. Tie irons were expected to last the lifetime of a building. Surprisingly, as it was subsequently discovered, wall tie corrosion could become a major issue in as little as 26 years.

Wire butterfly ties are made from small diameter wires that are twisted into a double loop. Because they have little mass, when they corrode they generally break up without showing any initial signals that structural defect is present and that the walls are no longer connected. A bow in the wall may be the first sign that tells you all is not well.

Vertical twist ties are manufactured from heavier flat steel plate, often with a 'fish-tail' end. When they begin to rust they have potential expand to seven times their original thickness. This tremendous expansion force is irresistible and often causes the brick walls to split and crack horizontally along the mortar joints, causing structural damage and affecting stability.

Where an existing wall tie system has failed through corrosion or improper installation then replacement wall ties are a vital part of the remedial solution, strengthening and stabilising vulnerable cavity wall structures.