Resin Injection

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Epoxy Resin Injection System

A pure epoxy resin injection anchor system in a side by side cartridge. Top of the range non-shrink brick adhesive with exceptional performance and durability. Tube size 400ml Ratio 1:1
  • RRP €297.36
  • €223.02
  • €185.85

Polyester Injection Resin

High performance 2-part polyester resin in styrene. Cost effective masonry injection adhesive for fixing, tying and anchoring in concrete, brick and stone. Co-axial tube size 380ml Ratio 10:1
  • RRP €12.74
  • €10.62
  • €8.85
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Epoxy Acrylate Resin

Epoxy acrylate resin that is suitable for medium and heavy duty applications and offers excellent performace in damp and corrosive appli­cations. Co-­axial 380ml tube Ratio 10:­1
  • RRP €21.24
  • €17.70
  • €14.75

Caulking Gun – Heavy Duty

Robust DIY caulking gun. Use with 300ml styrene-free wall tie resin or 380ml remedial DPC cartridges.
  • RRP €14.87
  • €14.09
  • €11.74
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Resin Injection Gun

Two piston epoxy resin injection gun for side by side cartridges. Generates high pressure for extrusion of resin components
  • RRP €55.93
  • €46.02
  • €38.35
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Resin Dispensing Gun Co-Axial

Professional heavy duty, 2-piston resin dispenser gun for use with co-axial 380ml resin cartridges.
  • RRP €51.68
  • €41.77
  • €34.81

Blow Out Pump

Hand operated blow out pump for use in clearing drill dust from brick anchor holes prior to injection of resin adhesive
  • RRP €14.09
  • €12.67
  • €10.56

Masonry Repair Grout

Masonry repair grout for bonding helical stitching bars into cracked walls. High performance adhesive grout used for structural repairs and rein­for­cement. Tested at the BRE. Yield 3L
  • RRP €74.34
  • €56.35
  • €46.96
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Polyester Resin Injection Kit

A styrene-free resin injection kit with everything needed for anchoring to brick and concrete. Useful adhesive for studs, rebar or remedial brick wall ties in masonry tie replacement schemes
  • RRP €120.36
  • €98.41
  • €82.01

Twistfix offer a full range of resin injection systems using high quality brick adhesives for chemical anchor installation and crack repair.

When chemical injection resin anchor systems require critical load and durability charac­te­ristics, select a pure epoxy resin.  Alter­natively use epoxy as a brick adhesive filler to bond and seal cracks in brick walls following mechanical crack stitch repairs.

For general purpose anchors choose a cost effective polyester resin injection adhesive for use in masonry concrete and brick. Styrene-free resins are also available for indoor use.

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