Dispensing Guns

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Resin Injection Gun

Two piston epoxy resin injection gun for side by side cartridges. Generates high pressure for extrusion of resin components
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  • €46.02
  • €38.35
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Resin Dispensing Gun Co-Axial

Professional heavy duty, 2-piston resin dispenser gun for use with co-axial 380ml resin cartridges.
  • RRP €43.07
  • €41.77
  • €34.81

DPC Injection Gun 1L

Extra large heavy duty DPC injectiongun for rising damp treatment using Damp-Cure chemical damp proofing cream supplied in 1000ml cartridges
  • RRP €38.64
  • €31.86
  • €26.55
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Caulking Gun – Heavy Duty

Robust DIY caulking gun. Use with 300ml styrene-free wall tie resin or 380ml remedial DPC cartridges.
  • RRP €12.39
  • €14.09
  • €11.74
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Mortar Gun & Nozzle

Precise delivery applicator gun kit for injection of thixotropic cement-based products. Use for intricate masonry stitching and wall crack repairs or for pointing ornate brickwork.
  • €70.09
  • €58.41

Masonry Pinning Nozzle Set

Pinning nozzle and collet set for masonry repairs. Fits mortar injection gun to facilitate repairs of wall cracks. Use to install helical bars for brick stitching by tying separating cross walls
  • €46.02
  • €38.35


Crack stitch repair pump for fast injection of thixotropic mortars. Superb for repairing masonry wall cracks with helical bars and grout. Useful for pointing walls and patios at high speed.
  • RRP €43.66
  • €41.77
  • €34.81

Knotweed Injection Gun

Japanese Knotweed injection gun for injecting herbicide into hollow cane invasive plants. The stem injector tool has been calibrated to dispense a precise dose of Glyphosate herbicide into the stem portion of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed
  • RRP €523.00
  • €525.60
  • €438.00