Flood Protection

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Hydrosack Flood Bags

Hydrosack flood bags are the new, modern solution to forming effective flood barriers for domestic houses and commercial buildings. The 3-section flood sacks are the perfect sandbag alternative. Sold in packs of 2
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Hydrosnake Flood Defence Barrier

HydroSnake flood defence barrier is an essential accessory for householders living in areas at risk of flooding. It can be stacked or folded according to the protection required. Sold in packs of 2
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  • €11.79

Flood Pump Kit

Easy to operate, the Flood Pump Kit will remove flood water from your property with speed and efficiency. Fully automatic submersible pump, long (20m) discharge hose and filtered tank. Discharges up to 10,000 litres/ hour
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Surestop Stopcock and Water Switch

Surestop push button stopcock with remote water switch. No more difficult to find or seized-up brass stopcocks. The Surestop stopcock and water switch system turns water supplies on or off at the flick of a switch
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Masonry Water Repellent Cream

Dry Seal masonry water repellent is a high strength silane cream treatment that waterproofs brick and stone facades including walls, bridges and tunnels. 3kg Tub
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