Cavity Wall Ties

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Ancon Wall Ties HRT4

HRT4 Ancon steel ties for domestic housing up to 10 metres high. Ties are CE marked, BBA certified and meet the technical requirements of the NHBC. 20Pk or 250Box
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Brick Ties – Wavy Tail

Wavy tail brick ties for remedial application when re-building one leaf of a cavity wall. Resin wavy tail into existing brickwork and bed triangle into new masonry as building proceeds. 100 Ties.
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Timber Frame Ties

Flexible timber frame ties with multiple drip points. These CE marked ties to connect a timber frame structure to a brick facade in new build. Also use for remedial retrofit applications. Pack of 250
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  • €140.32
  • €116.93

Teplo Tie - Basalt Cavity Ties

Teplo Ties are thermally efficient cavity ties made from a basalt fibre composite. Teplo Tie is stronger and lighter than stainless steel and is 20 times less thermally conductive. Buy in bundles of 10
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Insulation Clip - Wall Ties

A universal cavity tie insulation clip for use with stainless steel wall ties. Slide clips on to wall ties to hold insulation to the inner wall and to maintain an air cavity. Bag of 250
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Waterproofing Wall Tie

This 2-part brick tie services the basement waterproofing industry. The fastener arrangement comprises a polypropylene plug fitted with a seal, and a stainless steel helical tie. Quantity: 50
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Wall Starter Tiger Ties

Stainless steel starter ties for tying a new masonry wall to an existing structure. These stainless steel Tiger Ties have a built in expansion mechanism. No wall plugs are required. Pack of 10
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  • €14.40
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Masonry Ties - Long Drive Pins

Masonry ties are 450mm long drive pins that corkscrew into brick, block, concrete and masonry when driven into a pilot bore. At least 10 times quicker than grout ties - Kit size:18 or 36 pins
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Masonry Ties - Thin Joint

Thin joint ties for use with Thermalite, Durox and Celcon Aircrete blockwork. Used in cavity construction to tie Aircrete masonry to brick facades. - Pack Quantity 50
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Twistfix supplies a range of wall ties that are designed specifically for tying cavity walls having misaligned mortar bed joints. Select from one of three fixing types.

  • Self-tapping tie - These cavity wall ties are hammered directly into thermal blocks or timber.  The helical blades on the ties force them to self-rotate as they cut a thread in the host material. The other end of the tie is bedded into the mortar joint as the outer leaf is constructed. A small pilot hole is needed when driving this self-tapping tie into brick or concrete.
  • Expansion tie – These ties are fitted using expansion neoprene sleeves to grip into pre-drilled anchor holes in brick, block or concrete. The triangle end of the tie is laid into the mortar bed as the other wall is built.
  • Resin-fix tie – The distorted end of these ties are fitted to masonry or concrete using resin. The triangular end of the tie of these cavity ties is bedded into the mortar as the brick wall is constructed

All cavity wall ties incorporate a water drip, by way of a neoprene ring or a deep indent in the stainless steel rod, to prevent water crossing the cavity. They are available in various lengths to suit different cavity widths.