Damp Proofing Cream

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Damp Proofing Cream-380 12 PACK

DPC cream in 380ml cartridges. Without the need of any specialist equipment the DPC cream will provide an effective barrier against rising damp in walls. The twelve cartridges will treat 22.8 lm of double leaf brickwork.
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DIY Damp Proofing Cream – 380 DPC Kit

Easy to use DIY damp proofing kit. Includes everything you need to provide an effective damp proof course in walls. This kit treats up to 30m of single leaf walls or 15m of double leaf brickwork.
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Damp Proof Cream - Dampcure 1000 Kit

Damp proof cream kit for Builders. This 8Litre DPC injection pack contains the products needed to provide a chemical DPC to stop rising damp in walls. This kit treats up to40m of double leaf / cavity wall
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DPC Injection Cream - Damp Cure 6000 Kit

Damp proof treatment in a low cost and easy to use DPC injection kit. Includes sufficient Damp-Cure cream to damp proof up to 60m of 110mm single leaf wall or30m DPC for 225mm double leaf wall.
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Damp Treatment – All Cure Total

A universal damp treatment kit for treating damp walls above ground level. This 3 in 1 damp treatment system will stop rising-damp block penetrating damp and combat condensation. Options for 5m and 10m of wall.
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Rising Damp Treatment - Dampcure 3000 Cream

DPC cream in a 3 litre tamper proof pail for the treatment of damp walls. Advanced chemical damp course injection applied via a low pressure pump and nozzle. This tub treats up to 15m of double leaf wall
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Damp-Proof Injection Kit 3000 Pro

A DPC injection kit for the professional user. Includes all products needed to provide a chemical damp proof course to walls. Sufficient DPC cream for treatment of up to 75m of double leaf brickwork.
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Damp Injection 8000 Box

Rising damp injection cream in a builders refill pack. A low cost and low waste damp course cream package supplied in a 8 litre refill pack for damp proof contractors. This box treats up to 40m of double leaf wall
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Chemical Damp Proof Course Wholesale

DPC cream products are now available bulk packaged for the damp proofing specialists in 380ml, 1000ml & 3000ml containers. Also available in our best selling 8L damp-proof cream in DPC injection box
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Cream Damp Proofing Walls

A physical damp proofing course is a waterproof layer that is built into the base of a wall to prevent the absorption of ground water into the home. Where a damp proofing course is missing or has been rendered ineffective then it is possible to inject a damp proofing cream to stop rising damp.

Rising damp in buildings usually occurs where a physical damp proof course has been bridged or damaged. For example a damp course may become ineffective in a wall due to any of the following defects:

  • Abutting soil, paving or concrete located at a level that bridges the damp proof course
  • Render coats or mortar pointing that extends across the line of the DPC
  • Blockages in wall cavities that build up to a level higher than that of the waterproof layer
  • Structural movement or building alterations that break the continuity of the damp course

The consequence of rising damp in the walls of a building includes prospect for the excess moisture to cause wood floors and skirting boards to rot, wall plaster to deteriorate, and decorated finishes to peel and stain.

Thankfully damp proofing never been easier. Our BBA Approved damp proof injection cream is a powerful water repellent that is injected into walls at regular intervals. From here it percolates along the mortar bed to line capillary pores with a water repellent silicone resin to get rid of damp. Damp-Cure cream offers:

  • Quick and simple installation – injection creams are up to 4 times faster than high pressure injection systems. Effortless low pressure application makes damp proofing easy.
  • Clean and safe handling – this unique silicone emulsion cream carries no hazard classi­fica­tion and permits trouble-free disposal of containers. Spillages and mess are virtually eliminated
  • Low cost damp proofing – no special equipment is required. Damp-Cure is supplied in a variety of  containers and kits to suit projects of all sizes
  • Reliable damp control – independently tested by the British Board of Agrementand BBA Approved.

As market leader in the supply of the best damp proofing products in the UK Twistfix is able to offer technical advice on damp proofing walls, in old houses or new, whether they are built from brick, block or stone. Simply call our help line to speak to an expert advisor.