Surface Treatment

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Masonry Water Repellent Cream

Dry Seal masonry water repellent is a high strength silane cream treatment that waterproofs brick and stone facades including walls, bridges and tunnels. 3kg Tub
  • RRP €105.91
  • €98.41
  • €82.01
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Asphalt Repair Kit

Asphalt Repair Kit is a versatile cold lay macadam. Solvent-free Ultracrete delivers instant repairs to tarmac roads, driveway surfaces and paths having pothole damage. 3 x 25kg macadam in resealable & recyclable tubs
  • RRP €184.08
  • €166.94
  • €139.12
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Concrete Sealer - Microsealer

Concrete Sealer Micro is a highly penetrative liquid treatment that forms durable monolithic structures in concrete to improve surface wear & water repellency. 25L
  • RRP €85.55
  • €105.26
  • €87.72

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Water repellent surface treatment for protection against penetrating damp. Prevents water migrating through brick and masonry façade walls. Costs much less than storm-proof render products. 25L
  • RRP €138.00
  • €110.38
  • €91.98
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Salt Neutraliser 5L

An aqueous salt neutraliser surface treatment based on acetic acid with a surfactant. Ideal for use on a wide range of surfaces from new plaster to old stone and masonry. 5L
  • RRP €58.41
  • €56.57
  • €47.14

Masonry Biocide

Masonry biocide treatment in a micro-emulsion concentrate for the control of dry rot in walls and the removal of mould, moss, algae & litchens from concrete and brickwork surfaces. 1L - Makes 25L
  • RRP €42.77
  • €36.46
  • €30.38

SBR Latex Bonding Additive

SBR bonding additive that has been modified to improve the properties of render, screed and mortar mixes. A liquid latex formulation - compatible with cementitious materials. 25L
  • RRP €99.12
  • €99.05
  • €82.54

Tarmac Pothole Repair

Permanent Pothole Repair is a versatile cold lay asphalt. Solvent-free Ultracrete delivers instant repairs to tarmac roads, driveway surfaces and paths having pothole damage. 25kg recyclable tub
  • RRP €52.21
  • €54.86
  • €45.72

Surface treatment products are designed to repair and protect construction materials such as brick, stone, concrete, tarmac and slate. They improve surface aesthetics and to prolong service/ wear life.  Each treatment is engineered to provide our customers with the right solution for their building problems

Surface treatments can:

  • control permeability,
  • resist attack from organisms and salts,
  • improve wear
  • improve appearance

Buy masonry treatments to guard against penetrating damp and its effects on a brickwork wall or a concrete floor. Twistfix has a range of masonry coatings for effective treatment of damp damaged bricks concrete & asphalt surfaces.

Use a powerful biocide masonry treatment for the removal of moss and algae from the surface of brickwork, concrete and floor slabs. Repair potholes in tarmac with an asphalt repair kit