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Roof Shield Paint System

Roof-Shield Paint System is a professional water­pro­ofing system for large flat roof areas. The system covers an average of 20m2 on a smooth surface, providing exceptional performance for up to 10 years
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  • €317.42

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing systems are ideal for renewing or repairing flat roofs. EPDM rubber roof materials are available in seamless sheets to suit any size garage or house extension
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Roof Shield - Top Coat

Roof-Shield Top Coat is a rubber–based roof paint that waterproofs instantly. Developed for larger all-over roof and balcony areas, where greater life expectancy is needed. One coat and the job is done. 20L
  • RRP €371.70
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  • €258.12

Roof Shield Primer

Roof-Shield Primer is a deep penetrating low viscosity priming paint for use on difficult substrates to improve adhesion prior to adding a finishing top coat. Can be painted onto an array of surfaces 5L
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EPDM Rubber Roofing Kits

EPDM rubber roofing kit for single ply roofs. Firestone rubber roof covering in various size kits for new flat roof construc­tion, extensions or for flat roof repairs.
  • RRP €713.88
  • €535.55
  • €446.29

Rubber Adhesive For Timber

A water based adhesive designed for bonding rubber roofing membranes to timber, plywood or OSB flat roof decks. Apply evenly at the rate of 1L to 3.5 to 4m2 - 5L tub
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Rubber Flashing Set

A rubber roof pipe seal set comprising a universal pipe flashing and Firestone Quickprime. The flashing is suitable for use with circular pipes ranging from 25mm to 150mm in diameter.
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