Damp Proof Paint

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Masonry Water Repellent Cream

Dry Seal masonry water repellent is a high strength silane cream treatment that waterproofs brick and stone facades including walls, bridges and tunnels. 3kg Tub
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Roof Shield Paint System

Roof-Shield Paint System is a professional waterproofing system for large flat roof areas. The system covers an average of 20m2 on a smooth surface, providing exceptional performance for up to 10 years
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Roof Shield - Top Coat

Roof-Shield Top Coat is a rubber–based roof paint that waterproofs instantly. Developed for larger all-over roof and balcony areas, where greater life expectancy is needed. One coat and the job is done. 20L
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Roof Shield Primer

Roof-Shield Primer is a deep penetrating low viscosity priming paint for use on difficult substrates to improve adhesion prior to adding a finishing top coat. Can be painted onto an array of surfaces 5L
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Penetrating Damp Treatment

Water repellent surface treatment for protection against penetrating damp. Prevents water migrating through brick and masonry façade walls. Costs much less than storm-proof render products. 25L
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damp proof paint, waterproof paintDamp proof paint and breathable surface coatings are specially formulated to prevent damp problems in buildings. Twistfix supplies a selection of damp proof products that stop dampness from penetrating into buildings and protect floors walls and roofs.

Waterproof paint instantly repairs leaking roof coverings, delivering an emergency repair that is long-lasting. Our epoxy paints form a robust and durable liquid damp proofing membrane when used on concrete floors.  For protection to walls choose from an array of damp-proof paints to block out moisture or to stop it leaching into brickwork. These tough surface coatings and durable liquid damp proof membranes prevent water from entering your property.

Alternative Waterproof / Damp Proof Paint

When used externally silicone cream damp proof paints waterproof wall surfaces, keeping dampness out. Waterproof paint-on formulations, in the form of deeply penetrating silane/ siloxane water repellents, dry to an invisible finish and stop rain or floodwater from being absorped into masonry. Thes water repellent coatings line the capillary pores of masonry to provide an invisible waterproofing layer that retains the natural finish and breathability of stone or brickwork.