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External Tanking

External Tanking

Twistfix External Tanking products: Geotextile membranes, waterproofing paint
Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing products from Twistfix. Online, affordable prices.
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External Waterproof Membrane – GeoTex

Double-layered waterproof cavity drain membrane for foundation waterproofing in new-build applications. High density polyethylene membrane bonded to a geotextile mat. Roll size 1.9m x 20m (38m2)
  • RRP €384.68
  • €346.92
  • €289.10

Foundation Waterproofing Kit

A foundation waterproofing kit for protecting below-grade walls from ground water in new-construction situations. Epoxy paint, 2-part drainage membrane, fixings and capping strips - 38m2
  • RRP €646.64
  • €615.96
  • €513.30