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External Waterproofing Membrane Geotex
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A robust double-layered external waterproof membrane for water­pro­ofing foundations in new-build applications.

Layer 1 – High density polyethylene membrane with 6mm studs giving great strength and draining capacity.
Layer 2 – Geotextile mat to prevent particles from blocking cavity or drain.
BS 8102:­ 2009 – Type C compliant – water­pro­ofing below ground.

Geotex Membrane Properties

Membrane size: 1.9 x 20m (38m2)
Roll diameter: 400mm
Density: 0.79 kg/m2 (30kg per roll)

Cuspated Drainage Sheet

Capsulate/ Stud height: 6mm
Compressive Strength:  700 kN/m2

Nonwoven Filter Geotextile

Apparent Pore Size 90% finer:  85microns
Waterflow capacity (l­/sec/m2):  80 (= 480 l/min/m2).

If using as capping membrane you will need waterproofing tape at  lap joints.
If using as an external foundation waterproofing membrane you will also need some epoxy sealing paint,­ capping strips, membrane plugs and seals.

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