Water­pro­ofing Wall Tie

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This 2-part wall tie services the basement water­pro­ofi­ng industry. The fastener arrangement comprises a tough po­lyp­ro­pyle­ne plug, pre-fitted with a soft seal,­ and a 5mm diameter stainless steel helical brick tie with multiple water-shedding drip points.

The friction-fit plugs are driven into 10mm holes that are pre-drilled, through a cavity drain membrane, into brick, block or concrete walls, fixing the membrane to the masonry surface and sealing the hole to prevent water ingress.

The pointed end of the brick tie leads it neatly into a central recessed aperture located in the head of the sealing plug.  The cavity tie is simply hammered into the recess to provide a connection at one end and is built into a wall as it is constructed to form the other connection. Available in 3 sizes to suit cavity widths ranging from 85-150mm this 2-part wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng wall tie set is sold in packs of 50, sufficient to tie 20 square metres of wall at standard spacings of 2.5 ties per square meter.


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