Construction Fasteners

Insulation Fixings

Insulation Fixings

Insulation fixings that anchor Celotex, Kingspan, Jablite, Rockwool and Knauf insulation boards to walls and roofs
Membrane Fixing Plugs

Membrane Fixing Plugs

Membrane fixings are an important part of cavity drain membrane systems. They create the waterproof plug that prevents ingress at vulnerable fixing positions.
Thermalite Fixings

Thermalite Fixings

Thermalite fixings are the quickest, easiest and best fasteners for fixing in lightweight thermal blocks
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Twist Nails

Helical twist nails fix timber battens to masonry. The fixing corkscrews through timber and self-taps into masonry to deliver a cost effective method of battening out for dry-lining - Packs of 100 with FREE SDS tool
  • RRP €61.36
  • €55.22
  • €46.02

Membrane Plugs

Hammer-in fixing with waterproof seal for use with Baseline 8 & Thermseal waterproofing membranes. Screw wall studs directly into aperture located in plug head. Quantity: 100/ 200
  • RRP €57.82
  • €49.42
  • €41.18
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Flat Roof Insulation Fixings - Galvanised

Helical warm roof nails in galvanised steel. For fixing Kingspan 6mm ply-faced insulation boards to joists or rafters. Hammer in fixings for flat warm roof applications with boards 40-185mm deep - 20 Bag or 400 Box
  • RRP €11.74
  • €11.26
  • €9.38

Metal Insulation Fixings - Stainless

Metal insulation fixings for anchoring Rockwool & Knauff fireproof insulation panels to masonry walls & concrete soffits. Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Rendalath fixing - Pack sizes 20 & 400
  • RRP €19.12
  • €18.12
  • €15.10

Brick Plugs

Hammer-in fixing for use with Baseline 8 or Thermseal waterproof cavity drain membrane. Aperture in head accommodates stud wall lining systems. - Box Quantity: 100
  • RRP €47.14
  • €32.15
  • €26.79

Thermalite Fixings

AirTwist hammer-screw ties timber to Thermalite or Celcon blocks. Tie frames & battens to Aircrete without need to pre-drill, wall plug or screw - Pack of 50 or 250 (FREE SDS setting tool in 250 ...
  • RRP €23.54
  • €14.09
  • €11.74
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Wall Insulation Anchors - Mechanical

Mechanical insulation anchor with plastic plug and glass filled nylon drive pin for fixing Kingspan & Celotex wall insulation. Use with load spreading washer for fixing mineral wool. Sizes: 70 - 180mm Long. Box Qty: 250
  • RRP €39.53
  • €35.40
  • €29.50
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Finding uses right across the UK building and refurbishment industries, Twistfix's professional construction fasteners and fixings provide strong structural support and rein­for­cement. Our innovative anchor systems display great versatility and have an operator-friendly design that makes them quick and simple to use.

The Twistfix range of fastener solutions includes products designed to fix difficult materials, such as insulation, waterproofing membranes and plasterboard, to a multitude of building substrata including brick, thermal block, concrete and timber. Regularly specified by professional architects and structural engineers to a number of high-profile domestic and international projects, this extensive range of reliable construction fasteners represents the widest choice of insulation fixings available in the UK to tradesmen, construction firms, contractors and DIY enthusiasts, offering an intelligent, uncomplicated approach to fastening problems.

As with all of our products, these versatile fastening solutions are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to work first time, providing a rapid installation rate. Our highly-trained technical department are always available to give specific project advice for using our membrane fixing plugs, insulation fasteners, thermalite fixings and wall ties for new construction or renovation applications.