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Flat Roof Insulation Fixings - Galvanised

Helical warm roof nails in galvanised steel. For fixing Kingspan 6mm ply-faced insulation boards to joists or rafters. Hammer in fixings for flat warm roof applications with boards 40-185mm deep - 20 Bag or 400 Box
  • RRP €11.74
  • €11.26
  • €9.38

Warm Roof Deck Insulation Fixings - Stainless

Insulation fasteners for fixing ply-faced Celotex or Kingspan decking boards. Hammer in fixings for flat warm roof deck insulation upto 210mm deep. Rust resistant Stainless Steel - 20 Pk or 400 Box
  • RRP €15.81
  • €14.87
  • €12.39
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Fixings for Plasterboard Insulation

Fixings for securing insulated plasterboard sheets to brick and block walls. Fire proof fasteners with galvanized coating for internal solid wall insulation in packs of 20 or boxes of 400
  • RRP €12.27
  • €11.89
  • €9.91
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Drywall Insulation Fixing Stainless

Drywall fixings for fixing plasterboard insulation sheets to walls. A stainless steel fiastener with a countersink head. Designed to anchor thermal insulation laminates to walls 20 Pack or 400 Box
  • RRP €16.52
  • €15.50
  • €12.92
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Warm Roof Fixings – Super-7

Superior warm roof nails for fixing Kingspan or Celotex insulation between counter-batten & rafter. Powerful Super-7 fixings reduce warm roofing costs by virtue of less nailing – Pack Quantity 50
  • RRP €22.49
  • €21.59
  • €17.99
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External Wall Insulation Fixings

External wall insulation anchor for fixing mineral wool, polystyrene or rigid foam insulation to brickwork, timber or thermalite block. Thermally broken fixings in boxes of 200
  • RRP €231.28
  • €198.24
  • €165.20

Insulation Fixing Anchors ZP

Zinc plated insulation fixing for anchoring mineral wool and rigid insulation panels to masonry walls & concrete soffits. Galvanised Rendalath fixing - Pack sizes 20 bags & 400 boxes
  • RRP €12.98
  • €12.04
  • €10.03

Metal Insulation Fixings - Stainless

Metal insulation fixings for anchoring Rockwool & Knauff fireproof insulation panels to masonry walls & concrete soffits. Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Rendalath fixing - Pack sizes 20 & 400
  • RRP €19.12
  • €18.12
  • €15.10

Wall Insulation Anchors - Mechanical

Mechanical insulation anchor with plastic plug and glass filled nylon drive pin for fixing Kingspan & Celotex wall insulation. Use with load spreading washer for fixing mineral wool. Sizes: 70 - 180mm Long. Box Qty: 250
  • RRP €39.53
  • €35.40
  • €29.50
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Insulation Retaining Washers

Plastic insulation washers for retaining Rockwool and other soft insulation products. 90mm diameter disc. Pack Sizes 100 & 500
  • RRP €14.75
  • €13.51
  • €11.26

Plastic Insulation Fixings

Plastic insulation fixings for fastening Kingspan & Celotex insulating boards to solid materials. Use with load spreading washer for fixing Rockwool & Knauf insulation - Pack Qty: 250
  • RRP €32.45
  • €29.74
  • €24.78
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Insulation Clip - Wall Ties

A universal cavity tie insulation clip for use with stainless steel wall ties. Slide clips on to wall ties to hold insulation to the inner wall and to maintain an air cavity. Bag of 250
  • RRP €20.95
  • €21.95
  • €18.29

Buy Twistfix insulation fixings for fixing Celotex, Kingspan and Rockwool products. The Insofast range of fasteners includes a thermally broken anchor used to fix external wall insulation, together with metal insulation fixings for fastening fire-proof insulation panels, flat roof boards and insulated plasterboard to solid walls, soffits and warm roof decks.

The helical insulation fixing corkscrews into a wide variety of building materials including brick, concrete and timber and is ideal for fixing insulation boards in new construction or in retrofit building upgrades. The Insofast anchor range also includes a selection of synthetic insulation fasteners for use where fire resistance is not an issue

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