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Special Offers

Helical Bars 7M Long

252.31 inc. VAT
Helical bars for retrofit masonry re­in­for­cem­ent. High tensile 6mm diameter reinforcing bars in 7m lengths for crack repair, foundation re­in­for­cem­ent or for forming window-spanning brick beam lintels

Remedial Wall Ties - Helical

77.56 inc. VAT
Remedial ties for wall tie installation & brick pinning. Superior CE Approved helical ties. AirTwist offers the easiest, fastest & most reliable cavity tie replacement solution available. Pack Qty 50

Osmosis Damp Proofing Pro

539.48 inc. VAT
The professional osmosis damp course kit includes a digital monitor that displays the electrical charge carried through the wall by moisture. Wet walls will conduct greater current than drier walls. 25m Pro Kit

Heat Recovery Fans

376.98 inc. VAT
Heat recovery fans control humidity levels and reduce the likelihood of con­den­sati­on. This heat exchange ventilation unit provides a continuous air change with minimum heat loss

New Products

Wall Ties 20m Kit

115.04 inc. VAT
Wall ties in a wall tie installation kit having sufficient cavity ties for 20 square metres based on wall tie spacing of 2.5 ties per m2. European CE Mark Approval. Comes with SDS tungsten carbide drill bit and tie- driving adaptor.

Insulated Plasterboard Fixings

11.69 inc. VAT
Plasterboard fixings for fixing insulated plasterboard sheets to brick and block walls. Fire proof fasteners with galvanized coating for internal solid wall insulation in packs of 20 or boxes of 400

Drimaster 2000

379.48 inc. VAT
Nuaire Drimaster 2000 is an intelligent anti-con­den­sati­on control fan. Airflow is auto­mati­cal­ly boosted by the fan to take advantage of the free thermal gain temperature in the loft is greater than that in the home

Platon Tanking Membrane 20m

202.07 inc. VAT
A cost effective po­lyp­ro­pyle­ne tanking membrane with 2mm studs formed on one face of the product and a mesh welded to the other side. Available at a special trade price in a 1m x 20m or 2m x 20m roll

Best Sellers

DIY Damp Proofing Cream - 380 DPC Kit

146.59 inc. VAT
Easy to use DIY damp proofing kit. Includes everything you need to provide an effective damp proof course in walls. This kit treats up to 30m of single leaf walls or 15m of double leaf brickwork.

Flat Roof Insulation Fixings - Galvanised

10.73 inc. VAT
Helical warm roof nails in galvanised steel. Use for fixing Kingspan 6mm ply-faced composite insulation boards to joists or rafters. Hammer in fixings for flat warm roof applications - 20 Bag or 400 Box

Masonry Crack Repair Kit

134.34 inc. VAT
Versatile masonry crack stitching kit. Contains all products needed for high strength, non-disruptive masonry repairs to cracked brick, block or stone walls. Includes 10 x helical stitching bars.

Baseline Mesh Membrane Kit

141.62 inc. VAT
Mesh membrane kit in 3 sizes with everything needed for wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng wall surfaces. These waterproof tanking membranes include a mesh face for direct application of plaster or dabs for plas­ter­bo­ard.
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Latest news


Defeating Damp - Electro-Osmosis

Our comprehensive range of products contains everything required to complete any damp proofing project, whether it is repair, refurbishment or construction. As no two buildings are alike, we endeavour to supply the widest choice of solutions…
1st July 2015

Damp Proofing and Wall Ties from Twistfix

Damp Proofing products from Twistfix make damp proofing walls quick, easy and cost effective. Buy crack reinforcement ties or a wall crack repair kit for repairing cracked walls at trade prices. Select from a range of professional replacement wall ties or buy cavity drain membranes for waterproofing walls in a damp cellar or basement. For wall tie replacement, crack repair, waterproofing, damp proof treatment and much more, shop at Twistfix for top quality supplies, low cost prices and the best service in the UK. 

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