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Roof Flashing

Easy-Lead roof flashing is a high performance alternative to lead. Used in pitched or flat roof applications the BBA Approved smooth-faced roof flashing waterproofs abutting junctions. 5m rolls supplied in various widths
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Lead Free Flashing

Textured Easy-Lead is a lead-free flashing substitute based on coated aluminium. This lightweight, easy-to-use waterproof, durable and BBA Approved. 5m rolls available in a variety of widths
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Flashing Kit - Smooth

Easy-Trim roof flashing kit includes a 5m roll of smooth-faced flashing, 2 tubes lead sealant and a bag of lead flashing fixing clips. The flashing is BBA Approved and is supplied in widths of 150, 300, 450 and 600mm
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Flashing Kit - Textured

Textured Flashing Kit is a a lead-free flashing system with everything needed to deliver a durable and waterproof dressing at roof abutments: 5m flashing, 2 lead sealant and 50 flashing clips. Various widths
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Lead Flashing Clips

Stainless steel fixing clips and a quick fix insertion tool specially designed to secure lead snd lead alternative flashing strips into open joints in masonry. Pack includes 50 clips and 1 tool
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Gutter Guard

Hedgehog gutter guard is quick and easy to install. The guards snugly line the gutter stopping everything but the rain to prevent blocked gutters. Size: 100mm x 4m
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Rubber Flashing Set

A rubber roof pipe seal set comprising a universal pipe flashing and Firestone Quickprime. The flashing is suitable for use with circular pipes ranging from 25mm to 150mm in diameter.
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  • €75.71

Dry Ridge System

This dry ridge system includes a ventilated ridge roll with self-adhesive butyl strip, stainless steel fixing pack, ratchet unions the super strength nylon ratchet clips. A quick, easy to fit and durable roof ridge - 6m Kit
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