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Flood Pump Kit

Easy to operate, the Flood Pump Kit will remove flood water from your property with speed and efficiency. Fully automatic submersible pump, long (20m) discharge hose and filtered tank. Discharges up to 10,000 litres/ hour
  • RRP €513.30
  • €423.38
  • €352.82

Tanking Membrane 20m

A cost effective polypropylene tanking membrane with 3mm studs formed on one face of the product and a mesh welded to the other side. Available at a special trade price in a 1m x 20m or 2m x 20m roll
  • RRP €194.15
  • €119.05
  • €99.21
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Fibre Tape

A waterproof fibre faced sealing tape for butt joining mesh-faced damp proofing membrane. The fibre tape takes traditional renders and dot and dab adhesives. 25m x 115mm
  • RRP €58.76
  • €51.97
  • €43.31

Waterguard Drainage Channel

WaterGuard is an engineered basement drainage system. The channel has profiled flanges to per5mit drainage from basement wall leaks and entry holes to collect incoming water. Available in 2m lengths
  • RRP €38.94
  • €27.19
  • €22.66

Mesh Membrane Plugs

Hammer-in fixing with waterproof seal for use with air gap mesh membranes. Roughened head provides a key for plaster finishes. Bag quantity: 200
  • RRP €60.42
  • €56.22
  • €46.85

Waterguard Drain End

Watergaurd drain end connector is used to take water through an external wall where natural gravity drainage is available. Select appropriate drain end according to building orientation
  • RRP €52.51
  • €45.17
  • €37.64

When buildings are damaged by flooding it is important that flood restoration works restore the building to a habitable state quickly and effectively in order to mitigate the high cost of secondary accom­moda­tion.  Innovative use of basement waterproofing methods and products allow a building to be repaired and reoccupied before the fabric of the building has totally dried. These techniques allow final drying to continue in the background without compromising the internal habitable conditions.

It is a good idea to build into any flood damage restoration scheme a system that can be more easily renovated in instances of further and repeated flooding potential. Impervious air-gap membranes not only allow drying out behind the decorated finishes but can also be recovered if future flooding damages wall finishes.

If your home is in a high risk flood area or it has been flooded before then you would be wise to take measures to mitigate the effects of flooding again in the future. Tips to provide flood protection include, but not limited to:

  • Store flood barriers, sandbags and airbrick covers
  • Buy sanitary ware plugs to stop water backup
  • Fill cracks in walls and at wall/ doorway junctions
  • Treat external walls with water repellent silicone treatments

Remember flood protection may not stop flooding but it is likely to reduce flood restoration costs.