Dispensing Guns

Dispensing Guns

Dispersing and injection guns range of all types. We also supply knotweed injection guns and expanding foam guns.
Setting Tools

Setting Tools

A whole range of SDS Setting tools, fixing tools for wall ties, anchors and nails from Twisftix UK.


Sprayers range from Twisfix. Only high quality Chemical Spray Units, Low Pressure DPC Pumps and Knapsack Sprayers.
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Chemical Spray Unit

A professional chemical spray unit comprising a 7L tank and an adjustable brass spray lance. Ideal for spraying timber treatments, garden herbicides, patio sealers and other chemicals
  • €74.34
  • €61.95

Resin Injection Gun

Two piston epoxy resin injection gun for side by side cartridges. Generates high pressure for extrusion of resin components
  • RRP €55.93
  • €46.02
  • €38.35
Rating 4.6 of 5

Wall Tie Fixing Tool - SDS Adapter

SDS drive adapter for setting AirTwist remedial and timber frame helical wall ties. Unique tool design allows it to spin around the tie end to deliver repetitive hammer fix installation at high speed
  • RRP €48.85
  • €38.94
  • €32.45
Rating 4.9 of 5

Fixing Key - Mechanical Wall Ties

Rotary drill setting tool for fixing Quick-Fix mechanical wall ties. Fits into 3-Jaw chuck to sequentially expand each neoprene sleeve. Not suitable for SDS drills
  • RRP €36.11
  • €32.50
  • €27.08

Low Pressure DPC Pump

Low pressure DPC pump and injector kit for rapid injection of dpc products in chemical damp proofing cream treatment - 7L container; takes 5L of injection cream
  • €70.09
  • €58.41

Resin Dispensing Gun Co-Axial

Professional heavy duty, 2-piston resin dispenser gun for use with co-axial 380ml resin cartridges.
  • RRP €51.68
  • €41.77
  • €34.81

DPC Injection Gun 1L

Extra large heavy duty DPC injectiongun for rising damp treatment using Damp-Cure chemical damp proofing cream supplied in 1000ml cartridges
  • RRP €46.37
  • €31.86
  • €26.55
Rating 5.0 of 5

Knapsack Sprayer

This Knapsack Sprayer has a back pack harness, trigger control valve with adjustable pressure regulator, and a metal spray lance assembly with adjustable nozzle. 20 litre capacity
  • RRP €107.62
  • €98.41
  • €82.01

Warm Roof Fixings Tool

A warm roofing guide tool with double-ledge gutter. Squares & aligns Super-7 warm roof fixings vertically upon counter batten widths of 37 & 50mm to guard against deficiencies in-skew fixing.
  • RRP €60.18
  • €54.52
  • €45.43

Caulking Gun – Heavy Duty

Robust DIY caulking gun. Use with 300ml styrene-free wall tie resin or 380ml remedial DPC cartridges.
  • RRP €14.87
  • €14.09
  • €11.74
Rating 5.0 of 5

SDS Setting Tool - Insofast-60

SDS drill adapter for setting Insofast-60 insulation fasteners. Fits within the thermal break fastener head to deliver repetitive hammer fix installation at high speed
  • RRP €30.08
  • €25.85
  • €21.54

Cavity Tie Support Tool

Hand support tool used for fixing Thin Joint Wall Ties across a cavity and in to Thermalite, Celcon or Durox Aircrete masonry blocks
  • RRP €46.02
  • €40.36
  • €33.63
Rating 5.0 of 5

When you order goods from Twistfix don’t forget to order from our range of applicators and accessories. As the saying goes ‘a workman is only as good as his tools’.

This section of our website lists various applicators that are used to apply a selection of products. Whether you need hand setting tools to insert fasteners, resin guns, grout dispensing applicators or high quality spray units, you will find them all here.

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