SDS Adapter for Plasterboard Fixing

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Product code ISF18A-SDS
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Hammer fix adapter designed specifically for setting Insofast-18A fasteners when fixing plasterboard insulations to a masonry wall. The dome end of the tool is complimentary to the dished head of the Insofast twisted nail. With the SDS drill set to hammer-only mode the tool delivers a series of hammer blows to drive the helical anchor through the plasterboard and the insulation into the wall.

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17th Sep 2013, 17:51
I ordered some plasterboard fixings Thursday and order was processed and really good advice given as to application of fitting which was welcomed as i hasn't used this method previously .The fixings arrived by courier swiftly by Friday afternoon but as busy on sitei didn't check order off and when did check after 10pm the sds hammer bit to drive was missing aggh! Thats blown it i though no chance of finishing on schedule but a last gasp email to these guys was sent but i didn't hold out any hope. When i got up went to bring the milk in at 7am and on the doormat was package hand delivered containing 2 tools and extra fixing. Exceptional customer service you only truly know the worth of a good company when there's an issue . Excellence doesn't sum these fellas up.

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