Grounds Maintenance

Drives & Patio

Drives & Patio

Pothole and Asphalt Repair Kits, Patio Sealer and Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer products for ground maintenance of your property.
Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors in the form of helical piles and soil nails. They are hammered into the earth to support or restrain permanent or temporary structures
Weed Control

Weed Control

Professional products for weed control. We also supply Tree Stump and Root Killer Plugs, and Knotweed Injection Guns.
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Helical Pile Kit

This 3.6m Thor helical pile kit is suitable for supporting ­the footings & foundations of existing building structures. 1 x helical pile, 1 x extension, 1 x capping socket, 1 x capping bar
  • RRP €531.00
  • €447.46
  • €372.88

Roundup Probio

Roundup Pro Bio is the profes­si­onals choice for treatment of hardy weeds such as Japanese knotweeds and Ivy . Used by local councils and groundsmen to control grasses and broad-leaved weed on roadsides, driveways, paths and hard grounds.
  • RRP €102.80
  • €77.81
  • €64.84

Tarmac Pothole Repair

Permanent Pothole Repair is a versatile cold lay asphalt. Solvent-free Ultracrete delivers instant repairs to tarmac roads, driveway surfaces and paths having pothole damage. 25kg recyclable tub
  • RRP €62.65
  • €54.86
  • €45.72

Asphalt Repair Kit

Asphalt Repair Kit is a versatile cold lay macadam. Solvent-free Ultracrete delivers instant repairs to tarmac roads, driveway surfaces and paths having pothole damage. 3 x 25kg macadam in resealable & recyclable tubs
  • RRP €220.90
  • €166.94
  • €139.12
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Micropile Kit

This 3.4m helical micro-pile kit is suitable for supporting single-storey extensions, conser­vato­ries, garages, portable buildings and permanent platforms. 1 x helical ground anchor 1 x tubular extension and 1 x pile capping plate
  • RRP €460.20
  • €382.32
  • €318.60

Mini Pile Ground Anchor

A helical pile ground anchor that corkscrews into the ground when the anchor is hammered. Use Thor piles with extension for soil mailing or mini-piling. 1.9m long 200mm diameter helix
  • RRP €336.30
  • €280.15
  • €233.46

Tree Stump and Root Killer Plugs

Tree stump and root killer plugs comprise 300mg of granular glyphosate encased in a nylon Eco-Plug capsule. This tree stump chemical kills the entire root system, delivering 95-100% control of treated tree stumps
  • RRP €162.49
  • €141.31
  • €117.76

Knotweed Control Treatment

Knotweed control treatment in a 3-pack kit for the eradication of Japanese knotweed, hogweed and other ground invasive plants. Roundup Pro-Bio herbicide concentrate contains Glyphosate and is sold for qualified professional use only
  • RRP €257.00
  • €211.69
  • €176.41

Micro-Pile Extension

This micro-pile extension is designed to extend the length of the helical Micro-pile Kit. It has a male thread on each end and comes with a connector socket, allowing a number of sections to be screwed together. 1500mm x 60mm
  • RRP €74.76
  • €62.30
  • €51.92

Knotweed Injection Gun

Japanese Knotweed injection gun for injecting herbicide into hollow cane invasive plants. The stem injector tool has been calibrated to dispense a precise dose of Glyphosate herbicide into the stem portion of Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed
  • RRP €627.60
  • €525.60
  • €438.00

Pile-Capping Plate

This engineered capping plate is designed for use with the Thor helical pile. Perforated 200mm disc welded to a female socket.
  • RRP €49.20
  • €40.99
  • €34.16

Pile-Cap Socket

Galvanised pile-cap socket with a series of holes at 45 degree intervals to accommodate ‘U’ bar rein­for­cement. 400mm long x 75mm diameter
  • €84.82
  • €70.68

Keeping the grounds of a property maintained is not only important from an aesthetic point of view. Paths, drives and patio paving must be strong and durable due to the heavy-duty nature of their uses; all must be adequately protected from weed and moss growth, cracking and potholes in order to provide a secure, long-lasting surface. The Twistfix range of grounds maintenance products is designed to provide professional solutions in a wide range of problematic areas, including car parks, driveways, playgrounds, paths, patios and sports facilities.

Giving a high level of overall protection, our resin-based Patio Sealer is a superlative paving and concrete sealer. Enhancing longevity and aesthetic appeal, the advanced acrylic resin formula actively repels both water and oil by penetrating deep into the paving, concrete or porous tile surface, effectively protecting against damage caused by water and frost.

Moss is another damaging problem and can grow easily on walls, roofs, patios and driveways. Using Wykamol Moss Removal Biocide is a professional way to simply, quickly and effectively eliminate moss, lichens and algae from these surfaces, restoring their natural beauty and structural integrity. Included in the innovative formula is a fungicidal treatment which attacks dry rot and mould spores in vulnerable masonry, reducing the possibility of the need for mould removal in the future. Wykamol Moss Removal Biocide should be applied prior to Patio Sealer.

Potholes are a problem well known to all drivers, making surfaces uncom­for­table and dangerous to drive on. These holes should be repaired the moment they are noticed as they will quickly become enlarged, particularly in winter when a freeze/thaw cycle speeds up the process. Twistfix Ultra Crete Permanent Pothole Repair is the perfect solution: a graded interlocking aggregate of highway quality, it delivers instant repairs in any weather condition. Containing specially-formulated bitumen and free of solvents, this cold-lay asphalt offers lasting protection.

Weeds that grow up through gaps in ground surfaces are unsightly and the hardy plants will widen these cracks if they are left to grow unchecked, creating the need for crack repair. Several species of weeds, including the notorious Japanese Knotweed, can be incredibly damaging to a property, extremely difficult to get rid of and even damaging to human health. Twistfix stock a range of weed control products designed to actively and effectively treat weed problems and prevent recurrence.