Drainage Channel

Drainage Channel

Drainage Channel product range from Twistfix. We have everything from Waterguard Drainage Channel to jetting Eye
Pumping Stations

Pumping Stations

Pumping stations to discharge foul and storm water from domestic and commercial buildings where gravity drainage cannot be achieved
Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a device that removes water collected in channels or 'sumps' that are created as part of a basement water­pro­ofing project.
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Waterguard Drainage Channel

WaterGuard is an engineered basement drainage system. The channel has profiled flanges to per5mit drainage from basement wall leaks and entry holes to collect incoming water. Available in 2m lengths
  • RRP €46.73
  • €27.19
  • €22.66

Cellar Sump Pump Kit

Robust sump and pump water control system for use in cellar and basement water­pro­ofing schemes to remove groundwater from cavity drain waterproof membrane systems.
  • RRP €693.84
  • €630.12
  • €525.10

Floor Mounted Pumping Station

The Atlas 70is a fully automatic floor mounted pumping station comprising a polyethylene tank, electronic control panel and a built-in vortex pump. The system is available in Single Phase and Three Phase options
  • RRP €4754.93
  • €4198.44
  • €3498.70

Magna 200 Waste Water Pumping Station

The Magna 200 Pump Sump system is an automatic pumping station used to pump foul, storm or surface water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not practical. 200 Litre capacity
  • RRP €2166.48
  • €1734.60
  • €1445.50

Edincare Magna 150 Pumping Station

The Edincare Magna 150 Pumping Station is an automatic sump pump station, pumping foul or waste water to a higher level when gravity drainage is not practical - 150 Litre tank
  • RRP €1670.88
  • €1273.69
  • €1061.41

Pump Sump Kit

A heavy duty pump in a high quality water sump. This single pump sump kit is designed as part of a cellar or basement water­pro­ofing system to remove water drained from cavity drain basement membranes
  • RRP €1019.52
  • €848.18
  • €706.82

Waterguard Corner Channel

Corner unit for Waterguard basement drainage channels. Mitered and glued for internal or external corners.
  • €11.89
  • €9.91

Basement Pump Plus Kit

Heavy duty sump pump water control system with 2 pumps for use in basement water­pro­ofing projects for the drainage of flood / groundwater from water­pro­ofing membrane systems.
  • RRP €1248.91
  • €1040.76
  • €867.30

Channel Outlet

PVC conduit drainage channel and outlet pipe for feeding flood water into pump-sumps when water­pro­ofing basements and cellars.
  • €29.74
  • €24.78

Macerating Pumping Station

Automatic small bore macerating pumping station delivering high vertical and horizontal output. It has a polyethylene tank with a small bore macerating pump and an electronic control panel. Vertical output up to 31m
  • RRP €5352.48
  • €4460.40
  • €3717.00

Waterguard Drain End

Watergaurd drain end connector is used to take water through an external wall where natural gravity drainage is available. Select appropriate drain end according to building orientation
  • RRP €63.01
  • €45.17
  • €37.64

Edincare Magna 360

Edincare MagnaPro 360 pump stations will accept and discharge waste and sewage from basements, bathrooms and changing rooms. Select single or pump options in single or three phase supply 360L
  • RRP €3058.56
  • €2547.38
  • €2122.82

Well designed underground pumping systems manage basement flood water via drainage channels and use sump pump arrangements to expel excess water from underground areas. Use reliable sump pump and drainage arran­gements to prevent flood damage to basements and cellars.

The sump pump is at the heart of any cellar water­pro­ofing system. If the heart stops pumping for any reason, the drainage system fails and the basement may flood. Twistfix supplies powerful high quality pumps, back up units, pump alarms and pumping stations to ensure protection from sump overflow and delivey of an effective underground pumping and drainage system.