Warm Roofing



Roof Loft Insulation Spray, Foil Insulation from Ecoflex, Tanking Membrane from Thermaseal and SuperQuilt Multi Foil Insulation products from Twistfix.
Warm Roof Fixing

Warm Roof Fixing

Warm roof fixings are special helical nails that offer a quick and reliable fixing method for energy efficient warm roof construction.
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Warm Roof Deck Insulation Fixings - Stainless

Insulation fasteners for fixing ply-faced Celotex or Kingspan decking boards. Hammer in fixings for flat warm roof deck insulation upto 210mm deep. Rust resistant Stainless Steel - 20 Pk or 400 Box
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Warm Roof Fixings – Super-7

Superior warm roof nails for fixing Kingspan or Celotex insulation between counter-batten & rafter. Powerful Super-7 fixings reduce warm roofing costs by virtue of less nailing – Pack Quantity 50
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Roof Loft Insulation Spray

Spray foam insulation kit for use in loft spaces on the underside of roof tiles to seal and insulate existing structures. Available in aerosol cans or pressurised tanks
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Warm roofing describes a roof construction detail in which the principal thermal insulation layer is located on top of the rafters and is held in place with warm roof fixings. The insulation board is sited immediately beneath the roofs weat­her­pro­ofing layer.

Warm roof construction forms part of a buildings insulating envelope. It needs no ventilation and allows heat to be conserved within a property, moving the dew point outwards to reduce the risk of condensation and associated wet rot problems.

So what are the benefits of increasing the levels insulation in the home?  Experts believe that having a properly insulated roofs and walls improves energy efficiency, reduces carbon emmisions, reduces condensation problems and saves money on fuel costs.