Resins and Foams

Resin Injection

Resin Injection

Buy epoxy resin injection system and brick adhesives at trade prices. General purpose polyester resin is also available in styrene-free
Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation products from Twistfix. Buy spray foam insulation kits and expanding spray foam.
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Wall Insulation Anchors - Mechanical

Mechanical insulation anchor with plastic plug and glass filled nylon drive pin for fixing Kingspan & Celotex wall insulation. Use with load spreading washer for fixing mineral wool. Sizes: 70 - 180mm Long. Box Qty: 250
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Chemicals that have an instant chemical reaction upon being dispensed are normally mixed as the product is being applied.  Resins and foams fall into this category.  They are applied through special applicators that allow components to mix whilst being dispensed.

Most gunned resin injection adhesives are udispensed via a nozzle having a helix mixing element that mixes adhesive and filler as the resin is extruded. Spray foam insulation is dispensed from pressurized containers, the components mixings or reacting with air to turn from liquid to foam. Most nozzles are low cost consumable items.