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Video Animations Help Builders

Masonry Crack Repair Video.

Knowledge is an ongoing process and we never stop learning. Twistfix works with a number of people in the construction and refurbishment industry as well as the general public. Recently we have been praised for our selection of instructional computer animated videos; including those teaching techniques for installing wall ties, brick reinforcement and damp proofing systems, all of which have enabled builders to gain extra advice and skills.

Any building defect can be easily repaired effectively by a competent builder if they can follow clear instructions following a correct diagnosis of the problem. Once a remedy has been prescribed then the method of repair can then be addressed.

These short video animations are ideal for explaining the methods of repair and they offer step by step product installation guides in a clear format which is far better than just text instructions as you can see visually what the correct procedure is.

We have outlined some of the major building defect problems which are apparent and have focused our Twistfix videos on these. They include masonry repair treatments for rising damp, wall tie corrosion, cracked brickwork and lintel failure although we have a number of other animated videos to work on and these include osmosis damp proofing and lateral restraint ties for supporting bowing walls.

Twistfix present our interactive house to our customers in the hope that this is a useful tool for contractors, builders and avid DIY customers. Since these animated videos have been uploaded almost 200,000 specifying professionasl and builders have used at least one of these videos.

They are ideal for re-fresher training and indeed initial training sessions; for those wanting to use these animations for educational purposes.

For more information then please contact a member of our expert team on 01 433 4223 or email sales@twistfix.ie

17th March 2012, 15:09
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