Unlucky for Some - Friday the 13th

This Friday is Friday the 13th a supposedly unlucky day, it’s not quite Halloween (that was a few months ago). Friday the 13th will happen twice this year, falling again in October.

How much do you read into days like these, or like me do you think it’s all a load of rubbish? To think that certain things will go wrong due to it being a certain day in the English calendar is rather foolish, however you do get superstitious people.  Often people complain at me when I’m working up high from a ladder and the only way to get past is to walk under it. I simply tell them to get a move on. Politely of course. For one person I had to come down and move the ladder!

Walking over cracks in the pavement is a thing that lots of people avoid as they believe doing so will heap bad luck upon them. How about having a crack in your brick walls? Any type of crack is bad news I would say that’s pretty unlucky. Somebody I used to do work for thought that their building defects were down to bad luck, come to think of it maybe they were right. I was there quite often. It stemmed from Friday being considered as an unlucky day and 13 being an unlucky number. I don’t get that because I tend to like Fridays, a lot more than Mondays anyway. How can anyone not like Friday! You could view bad luck as something small such as when I lose my keys to the van or something more major, having your van stolen.

Yes this happened to me, but not on a Friday and not on the 13th. Bad luck can happen at any time.

I do hope you enjoy the rest of your week and I wish you the best of luck on Friday. 

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