Twistfix join Basement Water­pro­ofing Association

We are delighted to announce that Twistfix is now a fully-approved member of the Basement Water­pro­ofing Association (BWA), which is the representative trade organisation for registered UK installers, suppliers and ma­nuf­ac­tu­rers of basement tanking systems for the protection of below-ground cons­truc­ti­ons. We join a large and diverse membership which includes many industry-leaders in the engineering, construction and subsequent maintenance of effective basement water­pro­ofing solutions.

Becoming a part of the BWA demonstrates a solid dedication to innovation and research; such qualities are central to the BWA philosophy of ‘knowledge transfer based on world class capabilities in applied water­proofing systems’. As the widely-accepted reference-point for both private individuals and professional or­ga­nisa­ti­ons seeking guidance and information on the protection of basements and other below-ground structures (such as vaults and lift shafts), the BWA benefits from independent management which ensures it is run entirely in the interests of its members and their customers.

BWA members:

  • Show fair, courteous and honest conduct in the operation of their business, to ensure that the reputation of the BWA and the industry in general are upheld

  • Promote basement water­pro­ofi­ng as an efficient solution to the requirement for extra living and/or storage space in any number of domestic, commercial and industrial properties

  • Support ongoing research that advances both the private and professional image of the cellar water­proofing industry

  • Seek to create good working relati­on­shi­ps with the many public authorities that are concerned with admi­nis­tering relevant building tasks, to ensure complete cooperation and sharing of information

  • Support devel­op­mental and training initiatives that are designed to improve and maintain workmanship standards

  • Encourage and facilitate professional development for every involved party

  • Conduct every piece of business in an ethical manner

The Basement Water­pro­ofi­ng Association offers training courses for specialists from all areas of the trade – from architects to building contractors – providing them with the knowledge to comprehen­si­vely survey underground spaces and identify appropriate wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng solutions. It's a proactive way of promoting career development within member companies, offering employees an affordable means of furthering their expertise.

Besides detailing the benefits of working with a Basement Waterpro­ofi­ng Association-accredited installer, the or­ga­nisa­ti­on's new website boasts a wealth of information for homeowners, including numerous con­si­derations that might not be obvious to someone planning such work for the first time.

Issues such as radon gas, party wall respon­sibi­liti­es and planning permission are all things that can have a significant bearing on planning a basement conversion.­ The BWA website guides homeowners through such issues and provides a useful search facility that pinpoints where their nearest basement wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng contractor members are based.

By becoming part of the trusted BWA, Twistfix has once again shown its dedication to providing a flawless experience for our diverse blend of customers, which ranges from the DIY enthusiast to the seasoned industry pro­fes­si­onal.

Check out our compre­hen­sive selection of basement water­pro­ofing membranes here and find out exactly why we were immediately accepted as trusted members of the BWA.

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