Tools are just the start

No job can be completed if you don’t have the correct tools everything from a tape measure to correct length drill bit (argh! There is nothing more annoying than coming to the end of a job and not having the correct size drill bit to finish the job).

Have a look for DIY kits – these will always contain the products needed so you can be rest assured from searching everywhere for this and for that. Without the tools it’s a non-starter the job won’t even get off the ground. They are essential to you and your project. Even if you have to go and borrow your neighbours, I did that one time and lost my friends SDS-Hammer Drill. Have you ever done that? Borrowed a tool from a mate and totally forgot to give it him back? I owed him a few favours after that, it ended up costing me dearly.

Now I always ensure I have what I need when I plan everything, so I know that problem won’t happen again. Ensuring this also saves a load of time and means you will finish the job quicker.

In my toolbox I have a huge selection of drill bits to suit any drilling requirements the same as screw drivers, ensuring  your covered for all possible situations this will save a load of time and means you will finish the job quicker. I like to think I am well equipped in having the basic standard tools as well as the more professional tools. Also remember any PPE that you may need to carry round with you, depending on the size you can keep these in the toolbox. For a DIY job to run smoothly its best to start right! Do you have what you need?

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