The Rise and Fall of Damp

Although it gives its name to a very successful 1970s sitcom, the reality of rising damp is far from amusing. Unsightly, unhealthy and damaging, its negative effects are well documented. Damp walls provide a welcoming environment for mould spores and the increased conductivity of the walls leads to heat loss, creating an uncomfortable environment and unnecessarily wasting vital money and power resources. Although more common in older buildings due to the porous lime mortars and often the lack of a damp course, rising damp affects many newer buildings as well; if inferior materials have been used or a careless bricklayer employed the problem can affect almost any property.

We are surrounded by natural moisture, both in the air as vapour and in the ground as liquid. This moisture naturally seeps into porous mortar and brick or stonework. Ground water in particular can contain soluble salts which collect on the wall surface as it dries out; these salts then draw further moisture from the atmosphere, aggravating the problem. The water rises through the pores of the masonry by capillary action until, unless it evaporates, gravity cause it to sink again. This height varies but does not generally exceed 1.2 metres; the deposited salts and clear line of demarcation are classic signs of rising damp.

Of course, prevention is better than cure and the importance of employing a registered contractor to install the best quality damp coursing systems cannot be overstated. However, if rising damp is present it must be treated and a new chemical damp proof must be applied. Damp proofing cream is a simple yet effective solution to the problem of rising damp. Damp-Cure DPC cream products are an active rising damp treatment that migrates fully into walls, forming a secure, durable chemical damp proof course.

Twisfix supply a wide range of damp proofing creams, waterproof membranes and accessories at trade prices. Although the selection is extensive, it forms only a small part of the vast array of damp proofing, mould removal and crack stitching solutions we provide. Damp should be eradicated entirely at the earliest stage to avoid a property becoming practically unliveable like the grotty house in the TV comedy ‘Rising Damp‘. Twistfix are dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction and security from our products. Our expert team are always on hand to assist and advise on all of our products and services: please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you require.

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