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Hydra-Dry is a BBA Approved tanking mix formulated for waterproofing basement and cellar walls. The tanking powder  comprises a polymer modified cement formulation that mixes with water to make a tanking slurry for waterproofing cellar walls.

This paint on tanking slurry system prevents ingress of water and works by forming a physical and chemical bond with the substrate. It provides a monolithic waterproof layer yet still allows some vapour transmission thereby reducing the risk of condensation

  • Waterproofs cellars and basements.
  • Suitable for brick, stone, block and concrete.
  • Resists hydrostatic pressure up to 5 metres head.
  • Can be applied to saturated surfaces.
  • Easy brush application.
  • Suitable for use in contact with potable Water.
  • Approved by the British Board of Agrément.

Hydra-Dry tanking powder is provided in a 25kg bag. Mixed with 6.5 litres of water and used at the rate of 3kg of mixed slurry per sq/m, there is sufficient Tanking Slurry to cover up to 12 sq/m of wall with 1 coat of slurry 1.5mm thick orup to 6 sq/m with the recommended 2 coat application

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