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An insulated and waterproof cavity drain membrane for use on walls in cellar water­pro­ofi­ng projects where there is no extreme water ingress.

Manufactured with aluminium foil bonded to a closed cell polyethylene sheet with 4mm studs to create continuous drainage channels. 2 Litres of space per m2 of insulating waterproof membrane permits water to drain and air to circulate, allowing underlying substrate to drain and breath. Suitable for wa­ter­pro­ofi­ng walls in domestic or commercial en­vi­ron­men­ts, above or below ground. Presents dry surface for drywall stud lining or adhesive dabs for plasterboard applied over plug collars.

BS 8102: 1990 – Type C compliant – wa­ter­pro­ofing below ground for structural concrete

Roll size: 1.35m x 50m (67.5m2)
Drainage\­ventilation capacity >2 l/m2
R-Value * 0.125 M2K/W

For each roll of Thermaseal insulated cavity drain membrane you will need:
Tape (1 roll), Brick plugs (3 boxes) and Plug seals (3 bags) or Waterproof rope (1 roll)

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