Summer Fires — Three Simple, Lifesaving Steps to Safety

Everybody knows just how dangerous fire can be and how easily it can get out of hand - some of us have been unfortunate to experience the effects personally. The warm, rain-free weather in lots of the country recently has had a noticeable drying effect and this means that fire’s capability to get out of control is of even more concern than usual - a simple stray spark from a summer bonfire could lead to disaster. It’s good food for thought and, while you’re thinking about it right now, it’s a great time to purchase some protection…

ThermoGuard Fire Retardant Varnish

It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive job, that might just save your home or even your life, to apply our quality ThermoGuard Fire Retardant Varnish to wood and any other timber derivatives while you’re at it. In just three simple, clearly-defined steps, you can provide Class 0 Fire Rated Protection to your property. Here come the tech specs…

  • ThermoGuard Fire Retardant Varnish comes as a kit comprising activator, top coat and the all important intumescent varnish base
  • Each kit contains sufficient product to coat around twenty square metres
  • If there is a fire, the base expands dramatically in response, forming a tough, fire-resistant carbon char to insulate the wood from the worst of the flames and heat - smoke is held back too and this is all confirmed with stringent EU testing
  • Final topcoat gives a durable and decorative finish so it’s great to use for internal woodwork or external cladding - a totally clear formulation lets the substrate shine through with its natural glory but with infinitely enhanced peace of mind, it's a combination that’s difficult to duplicate
  • Choose from satin or matt finish - both offer UV protection on top of the fire protection so nothing is going to stand in your way, whatever the British weather decides to chuck at us next!

It’s great to enjoy the sun and warm weather but you should always do it safely and choosing a professional product like this from a reliable supplier like us is the winning combination that will get you, your family and your home through this season, into the next and for many more years to come. Our product range will always reflect quality, diversity of choice and competitive pricing - that’s the Twistfix Promise.

Don’t fight fire with fire, prevent it with ThermoGuard.

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