Stopcock Switch for Burst Pipe Protection

A burst pipe can cause misery to a home owner during the cold winter months. With the entire country set for plummeting tempe­ratures, what would you do if freezing water ruptures pipes in your home?  Do you know where your stopcock is? Can you turn it off quickly to prevent water from damaging your property? Wouldn’t it be better if you could turn off your water as easily as turning off your light? Well now you can with SureStop water switch; a WRAS Approved alternative to a traditional stopcock

Traditional water stopcocks are made from brass or a similar metal which tend to seize up from lack of use and are difficult to turn off quickly in an emergency such as that caused by burst pipes. Incon­veni­ently-located stopcock taps also add to the problem.

The SureStop stopcock is manufactured using engineering-grade plastics that are unaffected by lime scale. It can be mounted in an easy to reach location, allowing the water supply to a building to be quickly and easily turned off at the flick of a switch; not only in the emergency of having a burst pipe but every time you leave home. Use the stopcock switch for burst pipe protection and peace of mind whenever your building is unoccupied.

The SureStop is WRAS-approved and is used as standard by over 250 local authorities and housing associations in the UK. Supplied with connections and accessories required to achieve the most professional results, this product continues to provide service to thousands of homes, businesses and orga­nisa­tions.

Installation of the stopcock alternative typically takes less than an hour.  The SureStop requires no power supply as the unit works via water pressure, controlling the water supply through either 15mm or 22mm pipework within a matter of seconds.

Don't take a chance this winter. Install the SureStop Stopcock and use this unique Water Switch to protect your property against damage from burst pipe calamities

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