Solid Wall Insulation Fixing Stainless

Insofast ISF60 EWI Fixing Stainless
  • Insofast ISF60 EWI Fixing Stainless
  • ISF60-Fixing-Rockwool-Insulation
Product code ISF60-140-A2-100
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Solid wall insulation fixings with a stainless steel helical shank, a synthetic head and a thermal break between the two.  The insulation anchors are ideal for fitting Celotex Kingspan Rockwool or Jablite nsulation panels to external walls constructed from brick concrete timber and thermalite walls

Insofast-60 fasteners have 60mm diameter heads and precise pitch Thor Helical nails that corkscrew into most building materials. The corrosion resistant stainless steel nail is fixed remotely from the head, separated by a nose portion that provides a thermal break to reduce heat transfer.

140mm insulation anchors for securing 75-100mm insulation slabs*
170mm insulation fixings for fastening 105-130mm insulation panels*
200mm insulation fasteners for fitting 135-160mm insulation boards*

* = Based on 40mm embedment into the building substrate (timber, brick or concrete).  When fixing into aircrete select a fastener length that ensures an embedment depth of at least 70mm

Insofast-60 solid wall insulation fixings are supplied in boxes of 100. For fittng insulation boards drill a 5mm ( brick) or 6mm ( concrete) pilot hole 10mm longer than the anchor and hammer home at least 40mm - 65mm into the masonry. No pilot hole is required for fixing insulation to timber studs or into aircrete.

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