Silane Water Repellent Facade Cream

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DrySeal silane water repellent is a high strength thixotropic facade cream that offers a breathable waterproofing treatment for buildings, monuments and reinforced concrete structures including bridges, tunnels and piers.

The silane cream remains on the surface after application and penetrates deeply into capillary pores over time until fully absorbed. Surface impregnation with the water repellent cream suppresses capillary suction. As a consequence the potential for staining, frost attack and spalling is reduced and the facade is protected against chloride attack from marine or de-icing salts to substantially increase the service life of the structure.

DrySeal water repellent is supplied in a 3kg tub and is applied by brush, roller or spray at the rate of 0.2kg/m2 - 15m2 per tub. The silane waterproofing cream offers excellent adhesion to vertical and overhead surfaces and outstanding impregnation that can only be matched by 3 or 4 treatments using a liquid water repellent.

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