Roof Shield Primer

Roof Shield - Primer
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Roof-Shield Primer is a priming paint for use on substrates prior to over-coating with Roof-Shield Top Coat. The Primer is supplied ready to use and can be paint directly onto friable, porous and difficult substrates; for example on weathered asphalt, old bituminous surfaces, gutters, concrete, brickwork, fibreglass, felted surfaces, asbestos cladding, sheeting and guttering, old lead and existing painted surfaces.

Performance Advantage

  • Formulated to improve adhesion onto difficult substrates.
  • It is a deep penetrating low viscosity primer.
  • Used on friable/­porous surfaces to bind the surface.
  • Forms a sound substrate suitable for coating with Roof-Shield Top Coat.

Simply clean the area to be primed, repair any cracks using scrim and stir well before applying a generous coat of Roof-Shield Primer by brush or roller at the spreading rate of between 3 and 5m2 / Litre. Leave the Roof-Shield Primer for 24 hours before applying the top coat. 

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