9mm x 7m Reinforcing Steel Bars

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These reinforcing steel bars are the strongest helical bars available.  They are idea for use in buildings having substantial masonry elements; for example to strengthen cracked walls in old barns, stone churches and retaining walls.

Twistfix helical bars have a nominal tensile strength per mm2 that about is twice that of conventional rebar, four times that of epoxy glass-fibre rods and seven times that of 7.5mm diameter spirobar (Reference: BRE GBG62)

Technical Details

  • Grade of Stainless Steel        =   304 Austenetic
  • Rod Dimensions                     =   9mm diameter x 7000mm long
  • Nominal Cross Section Area  =   15 mm
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength      =   1050-1200N­/mm2

Sold in packs of 5, these 7 metre long heavy duty helical bars are looped for ease of transpor­ta­tion. Some memory-coil is likely to be retained when the reinforcement is un-coiled.

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