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Radiator reflector panels are supplied in a kit having everything needed for retro-fitting heat reflectors behind fixed radiators.  The quick and easy to fit heat relective radiator panels have an engineered multi-ridge profile which offers triple action energy efficiency that improves comfort levels within the home.

  1. Heat Reflection

    The radiator reflector panels reflect infra red heat back into the radiator so the water returns hotter to the boiler which therefore triggers less often.

  2. Insulation Pockets

    The ridged panels trap insulating pockets of air between the radiator and the wall, reducing heat lost through the wall, a common inefficiency of central heating radiators.

  3. Convection Enhancement

    The multi-ridged paneles deflect reflected heat from the radiator, stimulating convection currents to improve heat circulation efficiencies and improve room comfort levels

Radiator Relector Kit includes:

Radiator reflector panels - in a kit having 5, 10, 15 or 20 heat reflectors,
A 25m roll of of double sided tape for each 5 radiator reflectors
Fixing Instructions

The heat reflective panels are formed from PVC and have a highly reflective aluminium metalized coating.  Dimensions of the radiator reflectors are 580mm high x 450mm wide x 8mm deep.  An average sized radiator will need 2 to 2.5 heat reflector panels

Radiator reflectors can up to 20% heating costs where panels have been fitted to all the radiators in the home, offering total cost recovery through energy-savings in less than a single heating season.  Average expected savings are approved by Ofgem under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) programme.

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Rating 5.0
20th Feb 2014, 19:39
Just fitted behind two radiators starting the forth one one tomorrow no problems with the adhesive it works well
only comment the inner vertical strips could do to be wider . when cutting to size they are narrow er than the double sided sticky tape but apart from that an excellent product .
  • Overall satisfaction Good
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Rating 5.0
10th Feb 2014, 18:30
I order damp proof cream last week end arrive in 4 days I use the cream end hope will work
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Rating 5.0
3rd Feb 2014, 16:56

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