Pump Monitor and Autodialer

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This Pump Monitor and Autodialer System comprises basement pump monitor with sensors to record how many times the pump has been activated, how long it has run for and the total amount of water pumped out and an Autodialer able to call designated telephone numbers in the event of the monitors alarm being triggered.

Once the Autodialer is attached to the Pump Monitor and configured it can make use of your standard telephone line to call pre-programmed telephone numbers in the event of the monitor's alarm being triggered to indicate high water in a sump or a power failure at the pump.

Simply attach the autodialer to the monitors relay and the Pump Monitor and Autodialer System sends a call to up to 32 designated telephone numbers should the alarm trigger; providing a fast reliable warning and ensuring total piece of mind.

The Autodialer features:

  • 2 no Inputs
  • LCD Display
  • Programmable 9 x 32 digit phone numbers for each trigger
  • 10 second duration recordable message for each trigger
  • Built in memory for telephone numbers and programmed settings

Using this system not only will the alarm on the pump monitor sound but will actually call your chioice of telephone number  should your property be empty. 

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