Overcoming Setbacks

We’ve all had to deal with setbacks on the job the things that slow us down, halt our work.

Many factors could be the reason for this, waiting on permissions, goods, weather and people. It is important that we deal with them correctly and have a plan in place if things go wrong, making sure you can carry on with the job and finish as soon as possible Persevering on site when things go wrong is important to avoid going behind on time, which is often valuable. However it is still possible to get everything completed by the scheduled completion date.

We’ve all had to deal with setbacks at work, delays are common. Unfortunately these can occur impact costs these can be frequently expensive. You can’t anticipate what the weather will be like. You could be faced with floods, and natural disasters unusually severe weather will for sure stop work on an outside crack stitching job. Has an accident caused problems?* Remember to always keep calm and composed these can’t be helped sometimes and are normal. Mostly setbacks will be out of your hands and something you can’t control.

A thing such as delayed or refused planning permission on a job which forces you to revise and change your plans if this arises I would recommend seeking an extension of time which would allow you to finish the project.

It is as important that if you do fall behind you catch up as soon as possible to deter later setbacks and costs. Make whom it may concern aware of delays in lead times as communication is important, every needs to be kept aware of the next stages of the job and if there is a change in roles. The weather has recently turned quite wet with has stopped me from doing a DPC job outside. I am going to wait for a dry spell before Christmas. Hopefully should come soon, I hate being delayed!

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