Osmosis Damp Proofing Pro

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Osmosis damp proofing uses a series of anodes placed at the base of the wall and a cathode rod burried at a lower level in the ground. This electric damp proof course imparts a small electrical charge into the masonry and this positive charge repels free moisture molecules from the anodes where they are attrcted to the negative cathodic earth rod. 

The professional osmosis damp course kit includes a sophis­ticated digital measuring device that monitors and displays the electrical charge carried through the wall by moisture, a 'must have' for those wanting to monitor the effectiveness of the electric damp proofing system. Wet walls will conduct greater current than drier walls. Accordingly as moisture content reduces so does the electrical potential/ current displayed on the LED readout,­ whilst the unused voltage will increase. Take initial benchmark readings at the time of installation to compare with future read-outs

The Lectros osmosis damp proofing is ideal for walls up to 600mm thick and for rubble-filled walls. In fact the electro osmotic damp course system is the only treatment for rising damp that can be installed above a timber floor to drive excess moisture down to a level beneath them, fulfilling a vital requirement of a damp proof course.

The Professional Osmosis Damp Course kit includes:

1 x 25m coil of Titanium Wire intersected at 1m intervals by 150mm Platinum-coated Titanium Anodes
1 x Copper coated Cathode Rod and Clamp
1 x Osmosis power unit featuring digital monitor / voltage regulator
1 x Crimping Tool
10 x Titaniam Crimps
5m x Plain Titanium wire
5m x Wire and Sleeving (power unit to cathode)
1 x Set of Lectros electro-osmosis DPC installation instructions


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