Not so January Blues

Welcome back! We have taken a big leap into 2017 and not much is different thus far, except the Twistfix website. (It looks as though Twistfix got a new website for Christmas) I noticed the fresh, clean and trendy new website, which is really nice and easy to use. It has made buying Twistfix products an even better experience. They have even given me time and space to write this blog. 

I hope you had an enjoyable time over the holidays. Everything has been at a standstill with public transport not running and shops closed it’s been hard if you have needed anything or wanted to get anywhere. On New Year’s Day I had to put up with a train cancellation and then a replacement bus service home later on that night! They still have the cheek to put fares up by 2.3%. Transporting around by car is costly, as is public transport nowadays.

So while I have eaten too much and done very little this week marks the return to the day job. I have quite the backlog of request for works needing to be done. First of all using the Twistfix website I can order the goods I will need before I commence, I am certainly going to need quite a few Remedial Wall Ties. I have been called upon to install some wall ties in a property this should be no trouble at all. Installing the Wall Ties is fast, straight forward, for me it will be plain sailing. So as I get back into the swing of things this job is a good way to ease back in.

It may seem a pain to be back waking up at 5am but 2017 has the potential to be a very good year. So what are we waiting for…

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