Need some Tips? Try the Twistfix Animated How-To Guides

In order to ensure our customers get the very best from Twistfix products, we have created an informative series of animated how-to guides that show exactly how our products should be correctly and profes­si­onally used. Clear, concise and autho­ritative, the guides are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind whether you are a DIY-enthusiast, a contractor wanting to brush up on your skills or a property owner interested in exactly how your property is being repaired. Our animated how-to guides cover a wide selection of our product range, including topics such as installing damp proof injection systems, reinforcing walls to combat lintel failure and strengthening arches. You can also check out the Twistfix Interactive House, which groups videos together in a 3D, virtual repre­sen­ta­tion.

The series of guides is incredibly popular and has been seen by many thousands of our customers; our most popular video is currently 'Damp Proof Injection Cream to Stop Rising Damp', which has been viewed more than 92,000 times. This figure shows how common and widespread the problem of rising damp is and also shows how a simple process can quickly repair the damage.

Rising damp is caused by capillary action; groundwater touching an unprotected wall is gradually funnelled upwards through masonry. Upon evaporation, hygroscopic salts (containing nitrates and chlorides) are left behind which further attract moisture, continuing the cycle. As each cycle ends, the moisture level will be higher than the time before, typically reaching a height of up to 1 metre and leaving a visible line of demarcation between the wet and dry part of the wall.

Twistfix are proud suppliers of a comprehensive range of damp proofing cream and related accessories to quickly create chemical damp proof courses that will provide effective, lasting protection from the insidious yet seriously-damaging problem of rising damp in masonry walls. From single cartridges of DPC ream to full professional kits containing everything required to achieve the best results, our range is designed to facilitate the essential work of damp proofing in the safest, most cost-effective and high-quality way possible.

Please enjoy viewing our informative animated videos and do not hesitate to contact our expert team if you require any further advice or information.

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