Masonry Reinforcement

Helical Bars

Helical Bars

Twistfix helical bars are precision engineered reinforcing steels used for retrofit bed joint reinforcement in masonry walls
Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors

Ground anchors in the form of helical piles and soil nails. They are hammered into the earth to support or restrain permanent or temporary structures
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Structural Repair Ties - 10Pk

Structural repair ties are extra long 12mm diameter drive-in helical wall ties that reinforce vulnerable masonry walls. Lengths 1070 (42"), 1220 (48") and 1370mm (54") - 10Pk
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Brick Reinforcement

Twistfix brick reinforcement stitching bars are used to reinforce and strengthen fractured brick and masonry walls. Reinforcing bars are 1m long and are available in diameters of 5mm-9mm - 10 Pk
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6mm x 7m Bed Joint Reinforcement

Retrofit bed joint reinforcement pack containing 6mm x 7m stainless steel helical bars. The 6mm reinforcing bar is the standard size rod used for most masonry repair applications. Pack of 5
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Multi Layer Brick Ties

Helical tie bars for connecting multiple layers of brick or stone when reinforcing the separating leaves of a solid wall without the need for special grouts or mortars. Packed in lots of 50
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Micropile Kit

This 3.4m helical micro-pile kit is suitable for supporting single-storey extensions, conser­vato­ries, garages, portable buildings and permanent platforms. 1 x helical ground anchor 1 x tubular extension and 1 x pile capping plate
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5mm x 7m Reinforcing Bar

Lightweight reinforcing wires. 5mm x 7m stainless steel helical reinforcement wire is ideal for use in existing buildings with narrow mortar joints having a height as little as 7mm. Pack of 5
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8mm x 7m Heavy Duty Helical Bars

These heavy duty helical bars are ideal for bed-joint reinforcement applications for use where additional sheer strength is needed. Pack of 5
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Retrofit Wall Connectors - 10Pk

Retrofit Wall Connectors are long-series, 12mm diameter spiral wall ties that are driven deep into masonry to form a mechanical connection that needs no cement, grout or resin. Available 610, 760 and 910mm - 10Pk
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Masonry Crack Reinforcement - HD

8mm & 9mm - Heavy duty masonry stitching bars for crack reinfor¬­cem¬­ent & wall repairs. Bars have a tensile strength of 12kN+ & 15kN+ respectively Pack of 10
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Helical Pile Kit

This 3.6m Thor helical pile kit is suitable for supporting ­the footings & foundations of existing building structures. 1 x helical pile, 1 x extension, 1 x capping socket, 1 x capping bar
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