Insulated Plasterboard Fixings

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Plasterboard Fixings for fixing insulated plasterboard sheets to brick and block walls. A galvanized mechanical anchor with a concave head to fix internal solid wall insulation

Insofast-18A is a fire proof insulation fixing having a self tapping shank and a dished head for indenting into plasterboard walls. The fastener drives through themal laminate sheets directly into Thermalite, Celcon or Durox lightweight blocks. A 5mm pilot hole is needed when fixing plasterboard insulation panels to brick, stone or concrete.

The dished head compresses the gyproc layer without tearing the paper surface, leaving a deep recess ready for accepting and retaining filler material. A handy SDS adapter enables Insofast insulated plasterboard fixings to be hammer driven at speed to reduce the labour costs for internal solid wall insulation upgrades.

These mechanical fixings for plasterboard faced thermal insulation can be used in conjunction with dot and dab adhesive or in place of it. 

Suitable for fixing foam insulated plasterboard - Celotex PL4000 or Kingspan K17 and K18. Use also to fix drywall sheets having an insulating polystyrene layer - Knauf Insulated Laminates and for fixing drywall having fire proof mineral wool insulation - Rockwool Rockliner.­ 

Buy corrosion resistant stainless steel fixing for use with phenolic foam plasterboard  insulation and to minimise thermal bridging

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Drywall Insulation Fixing Stainless

Drywall fixings for fixing plasterboard insulation sheets to walls. A stainless steel fiastener with a countersink head. Designed to anchor thermal insulation laminates to walls 20 Pack or 400 Box

SDS Adapter for Plasterboard Fixing

SDS drill adapter for fixing Insofast 18A drywall fasteners. Dome head delivers repetitive hammer blows to dished head plasterboard nails for high speed installation

External Wall Insulation Fixings

External wall insulation anchor for fixing mineral wool, polystyrene or rigid foam insulation to brickwork, timber or thermalite block. Thermally broken fixings in packs of 20 or boxes of 200

Wall Insulation Anchors - Mechanical

Mechanical insulation anchor with plastic plug and glass filled nylon drive pin for fixing Kingspan & Celotex wall insulation. Use with load spreading washer for fixing mineral wool - Pack Qty: 200