I just bought the new iPhone 7… Oops

The future of technology excites me I eagerly await the release of the latest pieces of technology every year. September 2016 brought the hotly anticipated iPhone 7, millions of people were waiting on the announcement to see what new features the phone would have. Was anyone else delighted with the news that the phone would be water resistant? I surely was!

After ruining my previous phone by dropping it in water and not having it insured, FYI leaving it in rice did not work. I was very pleased. I would be safe from dropping the phone in at least 1m of water without causing permanent damage as the guidelines state. As you use the phone the need to reinforce becomes greater, everyday wear and tear soon becomes evident.

It looks as though companies have been looking to make products water resistant for some time, and why not? It makes sense. Realising that water causes damage and that water resistance is the key to longevity. Having a water resistant phone will be the trend. Once water has seeped its way in you’ll have a task getting it out! There is very little you can do at that point. It is very hard to fix water damaged phones not many can be restored. However now with added features which enhance the phone they are becoming more durable from water damage. Whereas before water could get into any imper­fec­tions. This hasn’t altered the design or feel of the phone in anyway, It still looks perfectly good.

I feel it’s great to be able to protect something without losing the decorative stylish finish. I think it is a fantastic direction to head in. No more devastating accidents wrecking your phone. I am pleased that the future is dry rather than wet!

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