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Baseline Aqua-Channel is a robust and rigid P.V.C drainage conduit designed for the control of water ingress in below ground situations.

Aqua-Channel is fitted around the perimeter of the floor at the wall/floor junctions and can be used in most waterproofing situations. Aqua-Channel is particularly suited for use in conjunction with Baseline 8 cavity drain membranes applied to walls & floors and with Baseline Mesh membranes applied to walls only.

Water entering the building through the walls is controlled behind the membrane and is directed to the Aqua-Channel at the base of the wall, allowing relief of any buildup of hydrostatic pressure at the vulnerable wall/floor junction.

The water enters the Aqua-Channel through a series of 19mm drainage ports set 70mm apart along its length. The water is then diverted to a natural drainage outlet point or to a suitable mechanical pump & sump arrangement (e.g. Sumpflo).

In situations where an existing floor slab/ screed is solid and showing no signs of water ingress, cracking or de-bonding, the installation of Aqua-Channel can eliminate the need for Baseline 8 flooring membrane, providing real benefits in areas of limited headroom.

In the absence of a Baseline flooring membrane a liquid waterproof coating, such as Technoseal DPM, is to be applied to the existing floor to serve as an effective damp proofing barrier.


  • Durable and trouble-free covered conduit
  • Discrete and effective drainage with no silting or clogging
  • Compatible with natural drainage or sump and pump systems.
  • Relieves hydrostatic pressures.

Operational Sequence

Operational Sequence

Product specification

Product: Aqua-Channel

Material: PVC Conduit

Capacity: 3l/m

Colour: Black

Length: 2000mm

Outlet port size: 32mm

Inlet port size: 19mm

Inlet port frequency: 70mm

Method statement

Method statement

  1. Form 100mm deep x 100mm wide trough in the floor at the wall/floor junction. Apply waterproof coating or Baseline cavity drain membrane to the wall & finish at least 100mm below existing floor level & 20-30mm short of the base of the trough.
  2. Lay shallow bed of 20mm stone along the trough. Set Aqua-Channel onto stone with the up-stand flat against the water­pro­ofing/­membrane. Baseline Aqua-Channel can be buttjointed on straight runs and mitred at corners. Seal joints.
  3. Make a chase in the floor where the Aqua-Channel is to be fed into a sump. Fit Aqua-Channel Outlet section at appropriate location. Infill the remaining gap between the channel and the side of the trough with 20mm stone and finish flush with the flat top face of the channel.
  4. Bring trough up to floor level using either: a) Sand/cement screed (approx 50mm) or b) 20mm stone if Baseline 8 membrane is being used to damp proof the floor as part of a fully sealed basement conversion system.
  5. Connect Baseline Aqua-Channel Outlet section to natural drain or feed into a sunken sump that is serviced by a submersible mechanical pump arrangement.

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