How Do You Change Creepy & Cold to Comfy & Cosy?

When basement conversion started to get popular, it was variously termed as a ‘fad’, ‘trend’ and ‘craze’. This has proven to be very far from the truth, however, and extending your property in a downwards direction is more popular now than ever before, driven partly by ever-increasing land/property prices and partly by improved access to better basement waterproofing technology and materials. One of these materials is Baseline 8, a high quality waterproofing membrane, which was recently used extensively at a large cellar conversion in Lancashire.

From cold and creepy to comfy and cosy, the cellar underwent a complete transfor­ma­tion as work commenced and quickly progressed. After a quick call to our technical team to discuss the options, the contractor agreed that our recom­men­dation of a full cellar tanking system was the best way to proceed, conforming completely with all specifi­cations set out in BS8102:2009 “Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground”.

The walls around the perimeter of the basement were fitted with drainage channels which were connected to a quality submersible pump contained within a sump. To make sure ongoing protection from severe water level changes was in place, a sensor was attached to the pump and jetting eyes were installed to the channels to facilitate future maintenance.

Baseline 8 is a cavity drain membrane that allows for timber-frame studs to be attached to the waterproofing membrane’s front - this means that the required services (including electrical wires) could run safely and unencumbered between membrane and studs, preventing its penetration and subsequent compromising.

The membranes were connected with strong butyl waterproofing tape, creating a watertight seal - this is especially important at the junction of wall and floor, a particularly vulnerable area. The system for draining water was then completely sealed, isolating masonry from internal finished and facilitating water disposal without the liquid ever getting near the new living area.

As the end of the job came in sight, little remained to do but the internal plastering and clear-up, leaving the homeowner with an attractive, warm, safe and value-enhancing space to enjoy once decorating and furnishing had taken place.

If you’re thinking about basement conversion then you need to check out all the facts as it is a complex, delicate task that must be managed by professionals using quality products such as Baseline 8.

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