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If you want to provide safety and save money at the same time, then today is your lucky day. Our September offer on intumescent paints got all of you so fired up (pun intended!) that we have extended it throughout October in case you missed out or want to stock up more while it remains at our super-low price. Hurry though, because soon the price will return to its former level of plain low!

Making a building as safe as it can be in the event of a fire is a standard part of any construction or renovation project. It is particularly important for landlords and employers as the Fire Safety Order 2005 demands that all current fire standards for the entire building, including stairways, basements, corridors and lobbies, are fully complied with.  Twistfix supply a compre­hen­sive selection of intumescent paints and flame-retardant coatings for steel and timber, clear fire varnish and other coatings suitable for use on walls and ceilings.

Thermocoat W, a water-based, envi­ron­men­tally-friendly intumescent paint system, provides steel and cast iron with extensive fire-resistant properties for up to two hours with the minimum number of coats applied. In the event of a fire, heat causes a catalytic reaction within the paint which then causes an insulating char to expand to up to fifty times the thickness of the paint. This thick layer keeps the metal below its critical temperature and maintains the building's structural integrity.

The paint is user-friendly with a low odour and can be easily and quickly applied by roller or brush through an airless spray is recommended for the quickest, most professional finish. Timbercoat and Wallcoat intumescent paints, fire-retardant varnishes and other coatings designed for use on timber, walls and ceilings are also available and feature these same fire resistant properties. When applied according to all instruc­tions, Thermoguard products comply with all relevant health and safety laws and when applied to the correct specifi­cation control surface spread of flame and fire propagation to Class 0 and EN Class B

A final overcoat, also with extensively-tested flame-retardant properties and available in Hard Matt or Eggshell, completes this compre­hen­sive fire protection system. These decorative finishes protect a building from flames should a fire occur whilst also being aesthe­tic­ally pleasing. Helping to keep surfaces below a critical temperature, the coatings also assist with the control of fire hazards by releasing an innovative extin­gu­ishing gas when exposed to flames, actively suppressing smoke particles and flaming droplets

All Twistfix intumescent paints and coatings carry the same guarantee of quality as our entire range of products and are available at our usual competitive rates. Our service extends to providing a full paint specifi­cation for any individual project and, on request, issuing a certificate of supply for insurance, building control and client records. Thermoguard products are available in an assortment of kits or can be bought indi­vidu­ally. Full instructions are supplied though we are always available to offer advice, assistance and support; we recommend allowing our experienced and dedicated team to provide a full specifi­cation for your project.

For more information on the Twistfix range of masonry specialist paints, construction fasteners, damp proofing and masonry repair products, please call us directly, chat live with a member of our team online or drop us an email. Hot stuff!

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