Hot, hot, hot! - The New Fireproof Products Section

Fire is responsible for tragic loss of life and property and so protecting against this powerful and hostile element is an absolute necessity. There are lots of ways to protect a structure from the devastating effects of fire and Twistfix have created a handy new section on our website - Fireproof Products - to offer you quick and easy access to our compre­hen­sive collection of solutions.

We have got lots of introductory offers on our Fireproof products and will be publishing further articles over the next couple of weeks with more details. The collection currently includes:

Intumescent Paint - 17% Introductory Discount

Working differently from fire-retardant paint, which releases gas with flame-dampening qualities when exposed to fire, intumescent paint is designed to swell dramati­cally, forming an effective coating of insulation which then protects the surrounding material from fire-generated heat.

  • Protection for cast iron or structural steel in the internal environment

  • Up to 90 minutes of protection from fire damage to horizontal structural steel members

  • Critical temperature is avoided and structural integrity is maintained

  • Quick-drying formula that is easily and accurately applied with roller, airless spray or brush

  • Extensively tested to meet all BS regulations

  • Supply certificates available on request at time of ordering

Metal Insulation Fasteners - Between 20%-29% limited-time price discount

Insulation is a common material used in construc­tion, often fitted on walls and on the underside of commercial soffits. As with every construc­tion, the foundation and fixings must be secure to ensure stability and safety. The quality and performance of many fire-defence systems relies largely on fixing elements, particularly anchors systems which have an important place in passive fire protection and can perform tasks such as keeping fire escape routes free from falling sheets of insulation.

Even the best fire-protection methods will count for nothing with damaged, missing or non-fire-resistant fasteners. Twistfix offer metal fasteners for holding insulation material to walls and to the underside of soffitsheat.

  • Insulated plasterboard laminates can be secured to brick and block walls using  ISF18A fasteners in place of, or to suppliment, dot and dab systems.­  The helical fastener cork-screws into masonry and secures the plasterboard sheet with a countersing dished-head. Without need for plastic wall plugs these plasterboard fixings offer fantastic holding power, uneffected by the event of fire.

  • Overhead fire-resistant insulation systems are common-place in commercial buildings and underground carparks with concrete soffits.  ISF35 anchors offer a reliable method of securing soffit insulation systems to overhead concrete surfaces

Keep fire-safe with Twistfix and our newly-arranged collection of fire-proof products - order now to claim your discount!

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